About the Association of Professors of Dermatology

The Association of Professors of Dermatology (APD) was established in 1960 by leading educators in dermatology. The initial purpose of the organization—which remains much the same today—was the promotion of medical education, research, and patient care, particularly in undergraduate and graduate dermatology training programs. The objectives for the APD have evolved and provided direction for activities since the organization’s inception and include the following:
  • Advancing educational and patient care standards
  • Providing forums and networking opportunities for the exchange of information on academic dermatologic issues
  • Fostering the development of existing and new faculty
  • Developing support strategies for academic dermatology
  • Monitoring dermatologic person power needs for both academic centers and clinical practice
  • Maintaining a proactive organization that represents all academic dermatologic centers
  • Providing ethical leadership in the dermatologic community
APD CONSTITUTION (upd 10/05/2020)

The APD holds its Annual Meeting each fall, typically in Chicago, where the focus is on problems and solutions related to success in academic dermatology. This meeting serves as the central gathering place where academic physicians, young and old alike, can meet to share experiences and ideas, common interests and concerns, develop common solutions, and learn from one another.