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POSTED 9/15/2021

APD 2021 Annual Meeting

After much consideration the APD leadership has made the decision to host the 2021 APD Annual Meeting as an all-virtual event.

If you pre-registered for the live or hybrid meeting your registration will be transferred to the virtual meeting.

All plenary sessions, breakout sessions and the annual business meeting will be accessible via the zoom platform. Additional log-in instructions will be provided at a future date.

POSTED 9/29/2020
APD Proposed Amendment to Constitution regarding addition of a Residency Program Directors Section. See Article VII - Section. Discussion and vote will be held on October 3, 2020

POSTED 9/29/2020
Video of APD President Dr. Lynn Cornelius speaking during the AAD’s Virtual Diversity Champion Workshop in Dermatology – September 25, 2020

To view a highlight video from the recent APD Annual Meeting, click below.

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POSTED 7/29/19
APD Proposed Amendment to Constitution - See Article III regarding membership

POSTED 9/13/18
The University of New Mexico Dermatology Residency Program is now listed in ERAS with Accreditation ID #0803400055. Due to a glitch, it was showing as unavailable until yesterday. Please let your student applicants know that we are participating in the 2020 Match.

POSTED 10/15/17
Tamia Harris-Tryon, MD at the 47th Annual ESDR Meeting, Women in Academic Dermatology - reflections on the status of women in skin science