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POSTED 9/29/2020
APD Proposed Amendment to Constitution regarding addition of a Residency Program Directors Section. See Article VII - Section. Discussion and vote will be held on October 3, 2020

POSTED 9/29/2020
Video of APD President Dr. Lynn Cornelius speaking during the AAD’s Virtual Diversity Champion Workshop in Dermatology – September 25, 2020

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POSTED 7/29/19
APD Proposed Amendment to Constitution - See Article III regarding membership

POSTED 9/13/18
The University of New Mexico Dermatology Residency Program is now listed in ERAS with Accreditation ID #0803400055. Due to a glitch, it was showing as unavailable until yesterday. Please let your student applicants know that we are participating in the 2020 Match.

POSTED 10/15/17
Tamia Harris-Tryon, MD at the 47th Annual ESDR Meeting, Women in Academic Dermatology - reflections on the status of women in skin science